Midweek Message 3/30/17

  Friends in faith, Last Sunday we learned about the chasm we create when we fail to recognize others as our sisters and brothers. This Sunday, we’ll read Luke 18:31-19:10. We’ll encounter Jesus’ forewarning of his death and resurrection, the healing of a blind man, and the transformation of Zacchaeus from one who cheated others[…]

Midweek Message – 3/9/17

Friends in faith, The word “thanks” just doesn’t cut it for all the gratitude—to God, to you, to so many medical professionals—our family is feeling at this moment. It’s been challenging, and even a bit overwhelming, but we’ve been surrounded by love, prayers, and amazing support. If you haven’t heard, our daughter, Lily, was brought to[…]

Midweek Message – 3/2/17

Friends in faith, Last Sunday, we heard about the transfiguration of Jesus and the invitation to open our eyes and look up. We also had the joy of ordaining Rachel Palmiero to the office of Deacon. On Fat Tuesday, many people—of all ages—offered help with dinner and sharing their talent. On Ash Wednesday, in addition[…]