Scout Sunday!

This Sunday, February 23, we’ll celebrate Scout Sunday with leadership from Glenham Scout Troop 41.  In addition to hearing from David Paschal, a member of FPC who has almost attained the Eagle Scout rank, we’ll hear from special guests: Torah scribe Julie Seltzer, and Imam Abdullah from the Beacon Islamic Teaching Center.  They will be offering[…]

Hard Relationship Work

The Hard Work of Relationships

While relationships can offer joy, they also require work.  It can feel a bit counterintuitive, but I’m learning that the most important work in a relationship is – almost always – internal.  What really seems to matter most important in relationships is the work we do with ourselves.  Of course, Jesus was onto that truth long[…]

Salt in the Wound

You are the salt of the earth.  This Sunday, we’ll take a closer look at Matthew 5:13-16, with help from a special guest: Bryan Breault, Executive Director of the Holmes Camp and Retreat Center.  We’ll be blessed to get a glimpse of his particular “view from the mountain” as someone passionate about outdoor ministries.  Salt in the[…]