Midweek Message 2/14/16

Friends in Faith,

This Sunday, February 14th, is the first Sunday of Lent – the season of reflection and preparation – as we journey with Jesus toward the crucifixion and the resurrection.  We’ll focus on the challenging encounter in Mark 10:17-31 between the rich young man – seeking what to do to enter God’s Kingdom – and Jesus… and try to come to grips with the radical response that Jesus gives.  Here’s a video teaser to help you prepare.  In addition to our chancel choir, the bell choir will share music with us during the service.  And, we have a special Valentine’s Day themed coffee hour after worship.

But, before coffee hour, we hope you will join us for a Special Congregational Meeting after worship to discuss same-sex marriage.  The Session is tasked with discerning whether same-sex marriages should take place in our sanctuary, and they are eager for your feedback.  To learn more – and to access our questionnaire for your feedback – please visit the same-sex marriage resources on our webpage.  We hope you will offer your perspective as we seek to move forward faithfully.

Mark your calendars for Feb 27th, 5-8pm for our Family Fellowship Night. The Outreach and Hospitality team would like to invite families and friends of the church to join us for dinner and a movie. This is a chance for us to get together and enjoy each other’s company.  There will be warm comfort food served, and we will be watching a film perfect for all ages. We look forward to seeing you there!

Pastor Ben

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