8-22-18 Midweek Message

We were all set to commission Rachel Palmiero on Sunday, Aut 19 for her year of service in Denver as a YAV.  But, before we could get started, she settled-in at the top of the steps and asked to share a few words with the kids.  We thought we were encouraging her. Turns out, she was encouraging us! That’s the way things go in the Kingdom of God.

Likewise, in the focus-scripture for Sunday, Peter found himself doing the very same thing Jesus was doing… walking on water!  If you missed it, I invite you to listen to the full sermon from Sunday and the encouragement to “Step out, look out, and cry out” when the inevitable storms of life come.

Thanks to everyone who welcomed our family back on Sunday, and to all who helped us send Rachel off with our love.  This Sunday, you’ll have a chance to meet YAVs from other congregations and commission them for their year of service.  And, we’ll take some time to explore an intriguing story from Mark 5:1-20.  Jesus finds himself in a different land, and by giving much-needed healing, he upsets the status quo in a startling way.  Join us on Sunday to learn more!


Pastor Ben

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