8-30-18 Midweek Message

Do you ever find yourself scared when stepping out into something new?  On Sunday, our guests – Jonathan, Brittany, and Christina – shared with our young people about how they’re getting ready to start a year of service through the YAV program.  Stepping out sure takes courage!

Honestly, it can down-right be terrifying.  And, you don’t even have to be in a foreign land.  Thankfully, Christ’s healing can be found whenever we step out… and even when it’s terrifying.  Especially when it’s terrifying! I hope you’ll take a few moments to listen to Sunday’s sermon that explores a tough text inviting us to move From Fear to Freedom.

This Sunday, we’ll be invited to rest from our labors as we explore Jesus’ invitation to let go of our weariness in Matthew 11:25-30.  Hope to see you there!



Pastor Ben


BRIDGING WORLDS:                                                              

Food Donations – This month we are collection food donations at the sanctuary entrance for

  • First Presbyterian Church Welcome Table (Fri & Sat hot meal):  mayo, pasta, sauce, canned meats, beans, powdered drinks
  • St. Andrews Food Pantry (Sat food distribution):  hot/cold cereals and Parmalat (shelf-stable milk), the next deadline for donations will be September 16, 2018

Young Adult Volunteer (YAV)


ENCOUNTERING GOD:                                                              

Worship – Last Sunday, August 26, there were 51 in worship and $2,349.50 was collected in offerings.   

Godly Play – Our bi-weekly Sunday School class for elementary-aged children returns September 9th.  Get ready to learn the story, do the work, and enjoy the feast! Questions? Contact: Renee Vitale – neefallacaro@gmail.com or (386) 837-7434

Today’s Flowers are given by Ella Mae Snook In Memory of Donald Snook.


HEALING LIVES:                                                              

Caring for Creation – Help us care for creation during our Food & Fellowship Time by returning plates, cups, and utensils to the sink for washing and scraping food waste into the compost bin.  Questions? Ask a Deacon… and be sure to thank them for helping us care for the earth.

JEWELS Women’s Ministry – Are you in need of a community of support?  All women are invited to join us for a night of rest, relaxation, refreshments, and rejuvenation for your spirit, mind, body, and soul.  Starts Friday, Sept. 21, 6-8pm (meets monthly).

Pastoral Care – In need of pastoral care?  Interested in helping provide care for others?  Contact Deacon Rose Quirk, our Stephen Minister: (845) 600-5389 or quirkrose@gmail.com.


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