Are you amazed by what humans can do?

When working together, humans can do some pretty amazing things.  From the tallest sky-scraper to the smallest nano-chip, it’s easy to be in awe of what human ingenuity can accomplish.  I’m anticipating the delight of the Thanksgiving dinner that awaits us Sunday after worship… a delicious spread of contributions from members and friends.

But, before that, we’ll be confronted by Mark 13:1-8 during worship.  When the disciples of Jesus share their amazement at the grandeur of the Temple, he promises them the unthinkable.  It will all be torn down. It isn’t just a wise reminder of the inevitable rise and fall of empires… an “all good things must come to an end” moment.  It was more than that.

Jesus lets his disciples – and us – know that the structures of power in the world – economic and political – will not stand.  A new world is preparing to be born. And, giving birth isn’t easy. It fact, if you keep reading through Mark 13, it will be down right terrifying.  Yet, the promise is the birth of God’s reign… a justice, beauty, and grace even more wonderful than anything humans can accomplish, let alone imagine.

In this season, we have much for which to give thanks.  In the midst of the pain, I give thanks for the promise.


Pastor Ben

PS – A quick note about Stewardship.  We’re excited to report that, as of today, we have received 31 pledges totaling $68,339.92.  We are so grateful for these pledges. And, we know we can reach our goal. So, we’re extending the pledge deadline.  If you haven’t made a pledge, we hope you’ll consider doing so and help us make our goal!

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