The Chasm Between Us

We are divided. There’s no way around it. In fact, our divisions – whether they are political, religious, racial, generational, etc. – can sometimes feel like impassable chasms. It’s curious that, in one of his parables, Jesus seems to emphasize this “chasmic” reality (Luke 16:19-31). This parable – of the rich man and Lazarus –[…]

Having Trouble Managing?

When it comes to managing your life – and all the relationships & responsibilities you have – how are you doing these days? It’s not always easy. In Luke 16:1-13, we hear the story of a person who does a terrible job of managing his boss’ goods, and the boss asks for an accounting. Jesus[…]

Picnic Time!

Reconnect with old friends after worship this Sunday at our church picnic! Meet and welcome new folks! Activities will be provided for the young and young-at-heart. Our elders will provide the hot dogs and hamburgers, buns and condiments. You bring the rest! Thanks to all who have signed up to bring food. If you haven’t,[…]

Standing Tall

Ever feel like you’re not… enough? Not good enough, experienced enough, smart enough, attractive enough, etc.? You wouldn’t be the first to feel that way.  Many folks in scripture – especially the prophets – didn’t think they were worthy of their calling, as we’ll hear in Jeremiah 1:4-10 during worship this Sunday.  But, God not[…]