Pastoral Leave Letter

From Pamela Hormerte, Clerk of Session: On Tuesday, May 22, 2018, our Session of First Presbyterian Church met for our usual monthly meeting.  We had guests that night, Rev. Gavin Meek, General Presbyter of Hudson River Presbytery (HRP) and Rev. Martin McGeachy, from the HRP Committee on Ministry.  These guests were invited by Pastor Ben[…]

Midweek Message – 4/19/18

Friends in Faith, Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can’t lose. Those of us gathered on Sunday pondered the truth that we are all blind before we can see as we heard the story of Saul’s call to follow Jesus. This Sunday, April 22nd, we’ll look forward to preaching from Elder David Burpee from Bedford Presbyterian Church[…]

Midweek Message – 3/28/18

Friends in Faith, Holy Week has begun, and we were blessed to by the Beacon Players’ rendition of the passion of Jesus Christ as they performed selections from Jesus Christ Superstar. It was a joy to have their energy and it was quite moving! This week, we continue to enter into the mystery and power[…]

Midweek Message – 3/15/18

Friends in Faith, Last Sunday we talked about politics – about power, contrasting the powers of this world with the real power of Jesus Christ. The powers of the world take from others, at their expense. The power of Jesus Christ empowers others. We also had the joy of commissioning Deacon Rose Quirk as our[…]