Summer at FPC

Summer is here at FPC

Friends in Faith, Summer is here, and our family is preparing for a vacation for the month of July. But, before we go, I look forward to worship this Sunday, where we’ll unpack the transfer of authority from Elijah to Elisha – and the chariots of fire – in 2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14. Speaking of[…]

Who ARE God?

Talking about the Triune God poses more than just grammar challenges!  How do we wrap our heads around the powerful mystery that God is One and – at the same time – three, distinct persons: God the Creator, Christ the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit (whom, we learned last week on Pentecost Sunday, does all[…]


Is your head in the clouds?

With all the rain we’ve had lately, you can’t blame a guy for having his sights set on something a little more heavenly.  This Sunday is the 7th Sunday of Easter, also celebrated as Ascension Sunday. It’s the day we remember when Jesus – after having risen from the dead and spent 40 days among the[…]

Going with the Spirit

Last Sunday, we were confronted by the invitation to shift from, “what do I need to do?” to “what is the Spirit doing and how can I join in?”  I look forward to doing discernment around this question with you – in your life and in our church – in the future. In the meantime,[…]

We’re better together.

I have to confess I was in a slight panic prior to last Sunday’s worship when we didn’t have the usual long list of folks signed up to offer music, poetry, etc. during the service.  Turns out, the handful of lovely musical offerings were more than enough. Because, we decided to round out the service[…]

In full bloom

The dogwoods outside the church on Leonard St. are amazing.  What a glory to see them. Last week, we explored how both friends and enemies of Jesus learned to see him with new eyes after the resurrection. This Sunday, you’re invited to help us enjoy the beauty of a fresh perspective.  If you have flowers[…]

Wow. Just Wow.

If Easter Sunday wasn’t wonderful enough, it has been amazing to come back after a week off and see all the wonderful things God is doing in this congregation… much of it really soon (like the small groups starting this weekend)!  Please take a look below at all the opportunities to grow in faith. And,[…]

Amazing Love

When God became flesh, the eternal Divine chose to partake in the tangible stuff of our lives: eating, speaking, weeping, walking… we continue our walk with Jesus toward the Cross and the Empty Tomb.  Won’t you join us? Last Sunday, we began worship with a joyful procession, waving palm branches like those who welcomed Jesus[…]