Looking back over 10 years

Where does the time go?  It’s hard to believe that I’ve had the privilege of serving FPC Beacon for ten years!  I’m looking forward to reflecting on the past ten years through the lens of our scripture for Sunday: Matthew 4:12-23.  It’s Matthew’s version of Jesus calling his first disciples, and I’m excited to reflect on the[…]

Opening to Our Truest Identity

Our identity – who we are and how we (and others) see ourselves – plays such a significant role in our lives.  This Sunday we’ll be exploring Matthew 3:13-17, where Jesus identifies fully with humanity in his baptism.  At that moment, the heavens open up and he receives another identity: the beloved son of God.  In[…]

Things are getting real

However your Christmas holiday was spent, we hope you had a measure of peace and joy. Unfortunately, these things don’t always last. As we get ready for this Sunday, we prepare to encounter learn the tragic story of how the powers and principalities respond to God with us. Matthew 2:13-18 is one of the most tragic[…]

Prepare the Way…

As I write this, we’re preparing for this evening’s Advent Gathering.  It’s something new we’re trying to help prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus this year.  We’ll be enjoying a simple meal and reflecting the concept of Hygge (a Danish word for comfort) and how we find comfort in the waiting.  If you’re reading this[…]


Giving thanks for YOU

Though the history of the Thanksgiving holiday is pretty complicated, it’s good to give thanks.  God is so amazing – and so giving – it is right to give our thanks and praise (as we say on communion Sundays).  But, here’s the amazing thing that I’m just starting to realize: God gives thanks for you.[…]