Called to Feed

Last Sunday, we learned about the taste of love as we remembered the saints and celebrated communion.  Something happens when we eat together… we are fed in body and in soul.  

At First Presbyterian, we are called to feed.  Whether it’s Sunday worship & fellowship, our Godly Play children’s ministry, or the Welcome Table, you can be sure that people are fed here.   Are you called to join us?

If so, we hope you’ll make a pledge toward our 2019 ministry budget.  As of today, we have received 19 pledges totaling $55,622! Big thanks to all those who have pledged so far.  If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll fill out a pledge card (available in the pews or the church entrance) and return it via the offering plate or the office. Pledges are due this Sunday, Nov 11.  

We hope you’ll help us reach our goal.  The Session of FPC has set a goal to raise pledges totaling $77,000 for a balanced budget in 2019. That goal is a 10% increase in our pledges compared to 2018. We believe that – with your help – we can achieve our goal and balance the budget.

Better yet, help us reach our challenge goal!  Truthfully, we really don’t want to stop with a balanced budget. We’re challenging ourselves with a higher goal of $80,500 (a 15% increase from 2018) for our “extending the table” budget . If we make this goal, we can empower our Ministry Team and our Deacons to have an even bigger impact on our community, and we can support ministries of Christ’s church beyond our congregation.  We hope you’ll pledge!

As we gather for worship this Sunday, we’ll hear the story about the offering of a particular widow in Mark 12:38-44.  Though no one else saw the value of her gift, Jesus did.  To God, every gift is valuable!

Hope to see you on Sunday!

In Christ,


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