March 21, 2016



Jesus' final instructions were to make disciples, promising to be with them forever. Our purpose is to help all those seeking to follow Jesus. Discipleship at First Presbyterian is about connecting people with God and with each other. You can contact our Discipleship Coordinator, Steve Partlow at for more information.


A class of elementary school children meets two Sundays per month to study a Bible story which they present (often dramatically) the next Sunday during the children's sermon. Jesus' commission: baptize and teach.


Growing closer to God and learning to live in faith is a life-long journey. It’s done best in community and with prayer. Our Devotional Group meets on Mondays at noon to explore the writings of influential people throughout Christian history. Our “Mars Hill Mess” group meets on Wednesdays at noon to wrestle with the big questions of faith. We’re honest about the reality of our lives and are reminded of God’s presence in the mess.


Marriage is integral to one’s journey of discipleship, not separate from it. Before any wedding at our church, we take time to explore a couple’s families of origin and help equip them for life together. We explore how God is present in the relationship and how the couple might grow in faith together.