Fragile Security

It happened again.  Another shooting. Last Sunday, we started Lent remembering how Jesus was able to withstand the temptation to achieve something supposedly good at the expense God’s will.  Yesterday, we were reminded that the temptation to achieve power/purity – at whatever the cost – is alive and well. Please keep our Muslim sisters and brothers – in New Zealand and around the world – in your prayers.

This Sunday, in Luke 13:31-35, we’ll hear about the yearning of Jesus to take us up in his arms and keep us safe.  Though, the image he shares is a curious one: a mother hen. It reveals both a desire to care and a curious vulnerability.  There are much stronger animal images he could have chosen. Why a hen? And, what does it mean for our lives when we find ourselves feeling vulnerable.  To learn more, check out the video below and join us Sunday for worship!

In Christ,

Pastor Ben

A few reminders:

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