While the broader culture is cleaning up and recovering from the “holiday season,” I’m reminded that – for us – it’s still the Christmas Season… the 11th day, to be precise.  And, what a Christmas it has been! I’m so grateful for all the gifts people offered – from flowers to music to candle-lighting – to bless others as we celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ.

Speaking of, we’re going to ponder gifts a bit more this Sunday, Jan 6th, also known as Epiphany Sunday. We’ll revisit the story of the magi from the east (Matthew 2:1-12), who followed a star to bring gifts the Christ-child.  

Our guest preacher, Rev. Casey Carbone, will preach on the provocative title: Risky Gift Giving.  Our church is serving as a neutral pulpit for Casey and the PNC (pastoral nominating committee) of another congregation here in Hudson River Presbytery as they together discern his potential call to minister there.

On Sunday, we’ll also celebrate communion and have a Called Session Meeting following the service.  Remember, all Session meetings are open, and you’re welcome to linger in the sanctuary after worship to observe the outgoing Session make some final decisions before our new class of Elders is ordained the following Sunday, Jan 13th!


Pastor Ben

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