Going with the Spirit

Last Sunday, we were confronted by the invitation to shift from, “what do I need to do?” to “what is the Spirit doing and how can I join in?”  I look forward to doing discernment around this question with you – in your life and in our church – in the future.

In the meantime, I’m glad that you will have one of the best discerners I know – Leslie Mott – leading worship this Sunday while I’m away on vacation.  In addition to preaching, Leslie leads retreats in the area, including an end-of-summer retreat – Awake in Nature – at the Garrison Center, Aug 16-18; and a women’s retreat – Deep Calls to Deep – at Holmes Nov. 1-3  She also teaches yoga (with a special class focusing on yoga and the 12-steps) at the Ascend Center.  And, be sure to ask her about the Holy Land pilgrimage she is leading in February 2020!


Pastor Ben

Don’t forget:

  • Habitat Team Build: 8am-1pm, 6/8 – Time to register for our first Team Build!  Go to: tinyurl.com/FPCTeamBuild. *Must be 18 years old and sign a waiver.  Childcare will be provided at Calvary Presbyterian Church (120 South St, Newburgh), and parents will be able to check-in with their children during the coffee break time at 10:30 (at the same location).
  • Solar Farm sign-ups are due 6/30 – Sign up to have electricity supplied by a solar farm… and save 10% on your electricity bill.  Also, because FPC is signed up, a bonus will be sent to our church for every household that participates.  To learn more about this program and sign up, visit: https://powermarket.io/soc.html
  • Speaking of the Spirit, Pentecost is Coming! – All are invited to wear red as we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit, and the birthday of the church, on Sunday, June 9.  We’ll also welcome a new member!