Happy Advent, you brood of vipers!

For the first Sunday of Advent, we were encouraged you to “keep your head up” – in the midst of the calamity of our politics and our world – for surely Christ is coming.  This Sunday, you can hear how John the Baptist prepares the way for the coming Christ… by calling the people a brood of vipers?!  As we encounter Luke 3:1-18, you’’ll find out that there is a lot more going on in the story.  Hope you’ll be with us.

Before then, you’re invited to join us in the Key Food parking lot (268 Main St) this Saturday, Dec 8, 2-4pm as we sing Christmas carols and ring the bell for the Beacon Corps of the Salvation Army in support of their service to the community this Christmas season.

Finally, I need to congratulate you… you did it!  As of December 1, First Presbyterian has received 39 pledges totaling $80,394.92. Not only have you passed our pledge total for 2018 (by over $10,000), but you passed our balance budget goal!  We are only $105 short of our extending the table ministry budget goal.  We are officially closing the campaign, confident that your commitment will support our ministry in 2019.  (We won’t turn away any more pledges, and we’ll be delighted to put them to good use to expand our ministry impact!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have pledged to support our 2019 budget!  Moving forward, we will shift our focus to year-end giving.  Stay tuned next week to learn about how you can help spread the word so that others might remember First Presbyterian as a part of their Christmas giving this year.  


Pastor Ben



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