Having Trouble Managing?

When it comes to managing your life – and all the relationships & responsibilities you have – how are you doing these days? It’s not always easy. In Luke 16:1-13, we hear the story of a person who does a terrible job of managing his boss’ goods, and the boss asks for an accounting. Jesus goes on to shock his listeners – and us today – with some challenging counsel about how to manage ourselves in the midst of a complex (and often exploitative) economic system. 

Head’s up: it’s really a challenge about motivation. If we work the system hoping to serve ourselves, we will fail. If we are motivated to serve God, our “riches” will be beyond our expectation.  Hope to see you on Sunday to learn more!

In Christ,


Also On Sunday – Outreach and Discipleship Teams will be meeting together following worship to plan our fall ministries. You’re welcome to attend.

Looking Ahead – 10/5: Bingo Nursery Fundraiser – Have fun and raise some money for our nursery!  Doors open at 6pm and calling will begin at 7pm. $10 in advance / $15 at the door will purchase a two-pack of bingo cards. Coffee and tea will be available for sale as well as baked goods. Bring non-alcoholic beverages if you would like something else to drink. Contact Lisa Gabin (845) 380-2719 leelizg18@gmail.com