How are your Christmas plans going?

Last week’s service was so lovely… from the joyful Hallelujah Chorus to the cute Baby Jesus (Simone Martin) toes curling up out of the manger.  All was calm.  All was bright.

Yet, somehow, in the last week, I’ve only gotten farther behind on all I want to do.  Not to mention some really difficult challenges at home and the office that have sprung up.  My Christmas plans have really been thrown for a loop.  How about yours?

This Sunday, we’ll hear the Christmas story from Joseph’s perspective in Matthew 1:18-25. He had a plan for his marriage.  But, it didn’t go the way he planned.  In the end, it went according to God’s plan.  But, I’m sure Joseph had a LOT of readjusting to do.

Before Sunday, we have our annual Blue Christmas service tomorrow (Saturday) at 5pm.  Please share with anyone you know who is struggling this year.

However we’re ready… even if we’re decidedly NOT ready… Jesus is coming. Hope you’ll be with us for our Christmas Eve Candlelight service.  *Note: it’s at 7pm this year (in the past, it’s been at 8).


Pastor Ben

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