Is your head in the clouds?

With all the rain we’ve had lately, you can’t blame a guy for having his sights set on something a little more heavenly.  This Sunday is the 7th Sunday of Easter, also celebrated as Ascension Sunday. It’s the day we remember when Jesus – after having risen from the dead and spent 40 days among the people – ascended up to heaven.  It brings up lots of questions…

… including the one that two men dressed in white asked the disciples: “why are you standing around looking up to heaven? (Acts 1:1-11)”  Indeed, heaven is the goal. But, that doesn’t mean we’re supposed to stand around looking up. God has something really important for us to do.  Hope you can join us on Sunday to learn more!

In Christ,


PS – It’s not to late to register for FPC Habitat Team Build: 8am-1pm, next Saturday, 6/8: