February 29, 2016



Leaders provide the guidance, discernment, and prayer to support the congregation in its service to God and the community. Each leader is called by God, uniquely gifted by the Spirit, and committed to serving the congregation as it follows Jesus Christ. Each leader is affirmed by the election of the congregation and serves under the authority of the Session.


Elders are the biblical model of leadership for our denomination. Presbyterian means “of the elders.” Elders lead by discerning God’s will for the congregation and nurturing its life of faith. Ruling Elders are elected from among the congregation. Serving collectively as the Session, Ruling Elders lead, govern, and set the vision for ministry. They lead the Ministry Teams of our congregation and serve at the Presbytery and, as needed, higher levels in our denomination.

Pam Hormerte

Clerk of Session

Mary Jackson

Nominating Team Leader

Steve Partlow

Worship and Discipleship

Ella Mae Snook

Treasurer, Finance Leader


Dan Rigney





The Deacons, as described in scripture, are called to serve those in need through ministries of compassion and care. Deacons serve our congregation and our broader community. Each Deacon serves a Parish within the congregation, connecting with people and providing care as needed. In addition, Deacons host our Food & Fellowship time, as well as our worship flowers and other ministries.

Jackie Bucelot- Mills

Moderator of the Deacons

Miriam Tully

Julie Loste

Rose Quirk

Martha Hicks

Katie Budryk

Rachel Palmiero

Jennn Partlow

Gretchen Brokaw

Pastor: Rev. Ben Larson-Wolbrink

Pastor Ben loves God and loves God’s people. He loves his family, and he also loves to sing. And, he’s a big fan of God’s creation. He can often be found sailing on the Hudson, hiking Mt. Beacon, or playing basketball at Green Street Park. Also known as our Teaching Elder, Pastor Ben is called to teach the faith and equip the saints for the work of ministry. He preaches God’s Word in worship, shares the faith in ministries and small groups, and disciples congregation leaders, members, and seekers in the community. He serves in ecumenical/interfaith ministries in the community and on behalf of our Presbytery.

Parish Associate: Rev. Gretchen Larson-Wolbrink

Pastor Gretchen loves digging in scripture and digging in the dirt. She also loves worshipping with children. When not with her own children, you can find her in the garden and connecting with parents. Pastor Gretchen preaches occasionally and often leads the Children’s Sermon time on Sunday mornings.

Young Disciples Leaders

Helping children explore their faith, and enhance their spiritual experience through wonder and play.

Renee Vitale



Our staff is called to serve our leadership as they serve the congregation.

Cindy Yalanis


Sally Hitchcock

Organist/Choir Director

Kat Stoutenborough


Lisa Hicks

Childcare Coordinator

Zach Nolen

Childcare Coordinator