Learning to Love

Last Sunday, we wrapped up our journey through the Lord’s Prayer with the proclamation that the kingdom, the power, and the glory are God’s forever, despite all the evil in the world that would seek to convince us otherwise.  Especially in these trying times we trust God’s kingdom, power, and glory. And, in that trust, we dare to stand with the vulnerable.  That’s love.

We also had a blast at our congregational meeting following worship, where we elected new officers and kicked off our stewardship campaign with the theme: Called to Feed.  We are so excited that we have already received 8 pledges totaling over $16,000.  We hope you will make a pledge and help us reach our goal of $77,000 to balance the budget in 2019… or, you can help us “extend the table” and reach our challenge goal of $80,500 to further empower our ministries and ministries beyond our congregation.  Pledges are due Nov 11.

As a part of our meeting, we placed post-it notes on a door (in a nod to Luther’s 95 Theses sparking the Protestant Reformation) sharing how we have been fed at First Presbyterian, and how we imagine feeding others.

That same door made it’s way to the One Beacon unity event last night.  After a wonderful meal, engaging music, and inspiring speakers from all faiths, we were invited to repent for all the ways we contribute to the hatred in our world.  We nailed them to the door and covered it with our honesty and yearning for healing. For, as we know, healing starts with getting real. Here is a link to the video of the event (you don’t need a facebook account to view it).  The initial portion of the program – including the welcome and the traditional Jewish prayer for the dead – runs from 9:20-26:15.  The program resumes at 1:29:05 with the music, speaking, etc.

This week is All Saints Sunday, where we will explore Christ’s summary of the Torah to love God and love our neighbor in Mark 12:28-34, and we’ll remember those who died in the last year – and the love they showed us – during our celebration of communion.  Communion will be celebrated in the traditional Presbyterian format, with the bread and cups being distributed to congregants in their pews.  Hope you’ll come and learn about love with us.



Pastor Ben

PS – Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour Saturday night!

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