Learning to Pray

Prayer.  It’s what we do to connect with God.  And, it’s essential to our faith. Yet, you’re not alone if you find yourself feeling unsure about how to do it.  In fact, even the disciples of Jesus weren’t sure how to pray. So, they asked him.

He answered with a simple prayer that has been recited by Christians ever since.  But, even those who have memorized it may not know all the ways it sparks our religious imagination regarding who God is, and who we were created to be.  Come to worship this Sunday, Sept 9th, to learn more as we begin our fall sermon series on the Lord’s Prayer… and the depth of perspective, purpose, and peace it has to offer.  

Speaking of peace, we’re guessing this week may be a little hectic if you find yourself re-adjusting to the school year.  We’ve decided to offer brunch to the community this Saturday, Sept 9th, at the Welcome Table. Forget about the cooking and the clean-up and come on over to the church at 10am to start your weekend easier with us.

Finally, we are trying to update our church database so we can better be in touch (yay!), celebrate birthdays (YAY!) and fill out required denominational forms (ugh!).  We created a simple online form that will help us. Please take a moment (even if you’ve already given us your info. before) to fill out the following form: http://bit.ly/FPCInfo

Thanks and blessings,

Pastor Ben


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