Life Can Be Confusing. The Spirit Makes Things Clear.

We humans can be hard to understand.  Communication is difficult, even (and sometimes especially) with those who are close to us.  It can feel downright impossible to communcate with people who are different. This Sunday, we’ll explore a story from Genesis 11:1-9 that reveals how – from our very beginnings – God has disrupted efforts at uniformity.  God appears to want us to be diverse…. even though it can make things challenging.

Yet, in the midst of our diversity, God’s Spirit finds a way to connect us. This Sunday is Pentecost (don’t forget to wear red as a symbol of the fire of the Spirit).  We’ll hear the story in Acts 2:1-21 of the sending of the Holy Spirit.  And, we’ll explore how – through the Holy Spirit – God is able to help us find clarity in the midst of the confusion.

Hope to see you Sunday at 10am to learn more.

In Christ,

Pastor Ben

A couple, other announcements:

  • The St. Andrew’s food pantry is in need of Parmalot (shelf stable milk).  Please consider dropping off some at FPC and we’ll make sure our friends at St. Andrew’s receive it.
  • If you missed last Sunday’s sermon, check it out below.