Midweek Message – 1/26/17

Friends in faith,

Last Sunday, we learned about the challenge Jesus gave the disciples—and gives us today—to dig deep. This week, in Luke 6:1-16, we learn about an encounter Jesus has with the religious rulers who challenged him about violating the law of the Sabbath. Jesus reminds them that the Sabbath is about what God is doing—and what God is doing is bringing healing to the people. We’ll have ample opportunity to reflect on what Jesus words say to us today as executive orders are being signed daily from our nation’s new president.

Also during worship, we’ll be hearing from both the bell choir and our worship band. And, after worship, we’ll be having our Annual Congregational Meeting. Not only will we be doing the required constitutional business of the church (electing new officers and voting on the pastors terms of call), but we’ll also:

  • Present our new Vision and Purpose Statement and discuss how they’ll guide our work moving forward: they can be found in the online Annual Report Packet or in a printed packet at the entrance to the church
  • Introduce Breeze – our church database software—and show you how easy it is to create directories, mailings, etc. We’ll also be looking for updated contact information so we can keep in touch with each other
  • Share our Volunteer Pledge Form – to let our leaders know the ways you would like to serve God’s ministry in our congregation. (Hard copies will be available at the meeting, but you can fill out one online anytime between now and Feb 23rd!)

We are excited to announce that we have hired Lisa Hicks as our new Childcare Coordinator. Lisa will be supervising Zach Nolen, our childcare worker, to continue to provide quality care for our children. Thanks to all those parents and volunteers who filled-in at the nursery over the past, several months. Welcome to your new role, Lisa!

Finally, I’ve been under the weather the past, several days. It seems like many are dealing with this crud. But, I’d be remiss if I didn’t note that this Sunday marks the completion of 7 years of ministry together here at First Presbyterian Church of Beacon. They’ve been full of growth and learning, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

To God be the Glory,

Pastor Ben


Movies that Matter – “Indian Point”
7pm this Friday, January 27 at 7pm in McKinley Hall

In the brewing fight for clean energy and the catastrophic possibilities of government complacency on oversight, director Ivy Meeropol presents a balanced argument about the issues surrounding nuclear energy and offers a startling reality check for our uncertain nuclear future.


Next Week at First Presbyterian

Sunday – 1/29

  • Bell Choir Practice – 8:50am
  • Worship (Sanctuary) – 10am
  • Annual Cong. Meeting (McKinley Hall) – after worship
  • Al Anon (McKinley Hall) – 7pm

Monday – 1/30

  • Spiritual Classics (McKinley Hall) – 12pm
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm

Tuesday – 1/31

  • Presbytery (Stony Point) – 9am
  • Bell Choir Practice (Sanctuary) – 7pm

Wednesday – 2/1

  • Mars Hill Discussion (McKinley Hall) – 12pm
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm

Thursday – 2/2

  • La Leche League (Library) – 10:30am
  • Sex Addicts Anonymous (Library) – 7pm

Friday – 2/3

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 8am
  • Welcome Table Soup Kitchen (McKinley Hall) – 10am

Saturday – 2/4

  • Welcome Table Soup Kitchen (McKinley Hall) – 10am
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm

Sunday – 2/5

  • Worship (Sanctuary) – 10am
  • Food & Fellowship (McKinley Hall) – 11am
  • Outreach Team (Library) – 11:30am
  • Al Anon (McKinley Hall) – 7pm

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