Midweek Message – 2/23/17

Friends in faith,

Last Sunday, we heard about God’s amazing math: great healing + great forgiveness = great love. We also celebrated George Atkinson’s 90th birthday. George is a lifelong member of our congregation and his faith is a gift as he shares, “I figure God has kept me around this long for some reason!” 

This Sunday, we will explore one of my favorite stories the story of the transfiguration of Jesus in Luke 9:28-45. We’ll be invited to reflect on the gift of light, even as we prepare ourselves for Lent: the journey with Jesus toward the cross. This Sunday, we will also be ordaining Rachel Palmiero to the office of Deacon during worship, and we’ll have a joint musical offering from our choir and worship band.

After worship, all are invited to join us on Sunday in the Amity Arts Center for an opportunity to continue to connect with each other as we explore how to live faithfully in light of recent federal actions around immigration, the environment, education, etc. Not only will we have a chance to talk, but there will be space/materials to make art as an expression of our faith and our feelings. Whatever your politics and whatever your art experience, you are welcome as we create “displays of great love.”

Speaking of faithful expression, I was honored to join several other faith leaders at the Beacon City Council Meeting on Tuesday to encourage our leaders to explore how Beacon might become a “sanctuary” city. There has been a lot of buzz around this conversation nationally, as well as the repercussions of taking such a stance. My participation on Tuesday was as a part of my own faith conviction and not on behalf of the congregation. Should we discern a call to take a public stance or action as a congregation it would be under the authority of the elders that’s what makes us Presbyterian. To learn more, view the following links:

As I write all of this, I’m reminded that Ash Wednesday the reminder of our humanity and mortality is right around the corner. I hope you’ll celebrate with us on Fat Tuesday and then join us for worship the next day as we begin the journey of Lent on March 1.


Pastor Ben




Movies That Matter – Through a Lens Darkly

February 24, 2017

In celebration of Black History Month, filmmaker Thomas Allen Harris’ documentary explores the role of photography in shaping the identity, aspirations, and social emergence of African Americans from slavery to the present. Doors will open at 7pm. Mr. Harris will lead a discussion after the screening.


Flipped: A Fat Tuesday Dinner & Talent Show

February 28, 2017


Now’s your chance to share your talent – or your “un-talent” – with your church family on our newly-cleared stage! We’ll gather on the last evening before Lent, a day things are traditionally flipped upside down. We’ll have breakfast for dinner, and lots of fun before the somber season of reflection begins. Dinner will start at 5:30pm and performances will start at 6pm. If you have a talent to share, if you want to be on the dinner crew, or if you simply want to come and enjoy, please fill out this online registration form.


March 1, 2017

Join us for an evening service at 7pm as we begin the season of Lent together by remembering our humanity – and our mortality. Even as we await the promise of the Resurrection, we are invited to: “Remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return.”


Hudson River University

March 11, 2017

All are invited to sign up for HRU, a great learning opportunity at Stony Point, from 9:00am to 2:30pm. There are three “majors” – Christian Education, Handling Church Conflict, and Stewardship – and folks are also welcome to take a liberal arts sampling of subjects. The only cost is $10 for lunch. To learn more and to register, visit this link.


Next Week at First Presbyterian

Sunday – 2/26

  • Worship (Sanctuary) – 10am
  • Food & Fellowship (McKinley Hall) – 11am
  • Al Anon (McKinley Hall) – 7pm
  • Disciples Small Group (Humenik Household) – 7pm

Monday – 2/27

  • Spiritual Classics (McKinley Hall) – 12pm
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm

Tuesday – 2/28

  • Bell Choir Practice (Sanctuary) – 7pm
  • Fat Tuesday Dinner & Talent Show (McKinley Hall) – 5:00pm

Wednesday – 3/1

  • Mars Hill Discussion (McKinley Hall) – 12pm
  • Ash Wednesday Service (Sanctuary) – 7pm
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm

Thursday – 3/2

  • La Leche League (Library) – 10:30am
  • Sex Addicts Anonymous (Library) – 7pm

Friday – 3/3

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 8am
  • Welcome Table Soup Kitchen (McKinley Hall) – 10am

Saturday – 3/4

  • Welcome Table Soup Kitchen (McKinley Hall) – 10am
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm

Sunday – 3/5

  • Worship (Sanctuary) – 10am
  • Food & Fellowship (McKinley Hall) – 11am
  • Outreach (Library) – 11:30am
  • Al Anon (McKinley Hall) – 7pm

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