Midweek Message 4/14/16


After a restful time away – visiting my brother in Wisconsin and taking my final course in Chicago – it was great to be back to worship with you all on Sunday. Thanks to all who helped give a proper send-off to Barb Bayers – through a very musical worship service and a delightful Food & Fellowship time. We were also blessed to hear a sermon by her husband, Mark, who shared with us the healing power of those first disciples who carried on Christ’s ministry after his ascension. He also reminded us of the powerful words attributed to St. Francis of Assisi: “Preach the gospel in all times, all places, and in all circumstances. And, when necessary, use words.”

This Sunday, we’ll move forward to Acts 17:1-9, exploring how the apostles of Jesus were “turning the world upside down” in Thessalonica. We’ll also learn how people responded to their message… some with hospitality and some with hostility.

Pastor Ben

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