Midweek Message – 5/18/17

Friends in faith,

Last Sunday was an embarrassment of riches as we heard a variety of music, poetry, and story-telling. Thanks to all who shared their gifts and all those who shared their beautiful flowers. We were also reminded of the complex blessing of Mother’s Day, and we shared a prayer—The Wide Spectrum of Mothering by Amy Young—in honor of all those involved with mothering.

Thanks, also to our artists in residence—Kat Stoutenborough, Katrina Zezza, and Keely Sheehan—who opened up their studios in the Amity Arts Center and gave us a taste of the great work they’ve been doing.

This week, we shift to the book of Galatians with a look at 1:13-17; 2:11-21. Though it’s a different book, it continues the story of the early church, especially how Paul and others wrestled with appropriate expectations of faithfulness. Though our current context may be different, Paul’s words echo with power for us today: “It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me.”


Pastor Ben





May 25th, 7pm

The May showing plunges us into Grace Lee Boggs’s lifetime of vital thinking and action, traversing the major U.S. social movements of the last century from labor to civil rights, to Black Power, feminism, the Asian American and environmental justice movements and more. Doors to McKinley Hall open at 7pm. Movies starts promptly at 7:30pm. (Note date change due to Memorial Day weekend.)



June 11th, Following worship

Mark your calendars for June 11th! Invite your friends to join us for worship and then stick around for a picnic afterwards. This picnic will be hosted by our new members—those who have joined in the last year—as a way to get to know each other better.



June 25th

Our worship band and Pastor Ben invite you to an informal, music-centered gathering at Dogwood (47 E Main St) as an outreach to our community. We are excited for this joint-effort of the Outreach Team and the Worship & Discipleship Team! Here’s the catch: it’s a small space and we really want to connect with new people. If you plan on coming, please bring someone who hasn’t been to our church. We hope to livestream on Facebook, so please share the link. We ask all members and friends of First Presbyterian—if you’re attending or even if you’re unable to attend—to donate $10 to help offset the cost of this exciting event.




Sunday – 5/21

  • Worship (Sanctuary) – 10am
  • Food & Fellowship (McKinley Hall) – 11am
  • Beacon Factory Music Recital (Sanctuary) – 2pm
  • Lularoe Autism Fundraiser (Library) – 2pm
  • Al Anon (McKinley Hall) – 7pm
  • Disciples Small Group (Humenik Household) – 7pm


Monday – 5/22

  • Spiritual Classics (McKinley Hall) – 12pm
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm


Tuesday – 5/23

  • Presbytery (Pine Plains) – 9am
  • Bell Choir Practice (Sanctuary) – 7pm


Wednesday – 5/24

  • Mars Hill Discussion (McKinley Hall) – 12pm
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm


Thursday – 5/25

  • Sex Addicts Anonymous (Library) – 7pm
  • Movies That Matter (McKinley Hall) – 7pm


Friday – 5/26

  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 8am
  • Welcome Table Soup Kitchen (McKinley Hall) – 10am


Saturday – 5/27

  • Welcome Table Soup Kitchen (McKinley Hall) – 10am
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (Library) – 7pm


Sunday – 5/28

  • Worship (Sanctuary) – 10am
  • Food & Fellowship (McKinley Hall) – 11am
  • Al Anon (McKinley Hall) – 7pm

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