Midweek Message – 7/14/16


During last Sunday’s sermon, we learned about the power of crying out. And, we learned about the power of listening: to God and to others… especially those who experience life differently than we do.

This Sunday, we’ll move forward in the Book of Job to 14:7-15; 19:23-27.  Job recognizes that, even in a stump that looks dead, new life can blossom.  What about humanity?  See the teaser below – and join us for worship on Sunday – to learn more.

Finally, we’re really excited about our new website: beaconpresbychurch.org
Would you do us the favor and click on it a few times… and maybe even ask your Aunt Edna to do so (or anyone else for that matter)?  We want to optimize our presence on search engines, and every little bit helps.  Help us get the word out!

Pastor Ben

PS – We’ll be joined this Sunday by staff and campers from the Holmes Camp. Hear about how God is present at camp and how you might be a part of it. To learn more, visit: holmescamp.org.




Jodi Lee Memorial
Sat. July 23, 2-8pm

Come! Celebrate! Join us in the Amity Arts Center in the church basement as we share our memories of Jodi with each other, with Gustav, and with a lot of Jodi’s family and friends. Enjoy food and drink and, in addition to showcasing some of Jodi’s artwork.

Also, we’re hoping that the exhibit will include YOUR art/items to help celebrate Jodi’s life and art and family and friendships. If you have work you’d like to share, please contact Kat Stoutenborough, our Artist-in-Residence, via email: amityartscenter@gmail.com

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