Midweek Message – 7/21/16


We were delighted by a visit from campers and staff from Holmes Camp & Conference Center on Sunday. I was especially grateful for the invitation to wonder… about God, about creation, and about our place in it. This Sunday, we finally get a chance to hear God’s response to Job’s cries in Job 31:35-37; 38:1-11. It’s a challenging invitation to look at our circumstances from God’s perspective!

Recognizing that the old favorites of The Hymnal (green) are all contained in Glory to God (purple), we plan on removing The Hymnal from the pews and adding more copies of Glory to God.  If you would like to donate additional copies of Glory to God for use in worship, please contact the office.  We encourage purchases in memory or honor of loved ones.

Pastor Ben

Dorothy Germond

Dorothy Germond Memorial
Sat, July 23, 10am

Libby Funeral Home (55 Teller)

Prayer and sympathy are extended to the loved ones of Dorothy Germond, who entered into life eternal on Wed, July 20th.  Though unable to attend for several years, she faithfully followed and contributed to the life of the congregation.  She held the longest-standing membership, having joined the church in 1934.


Jodi Lee Memorial
Sat. July 23, 2-8pm

Come! Celebrate! Join us in the Amity Arts Center in the church basement as we share our memories of Jodi with each other, with Gustav, and with a lot of Jodi’s family and friends. Enjoy food and drink and, in addition to showcasing some of Jodi’s artwork.

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