Midweek Message – 7/28/16

Friends in Faith,

“It’s not all about you.”  That’s what we heard in God’s response to Job last Sunday.  It’s not always something that we want to hear.  But it’s usually exactly what we need to hear.  This week, in Job 38:25-27; 41:1-8; 42:1-6, God continues to illuminate how small humanity is, in light of the majesty of creation… and Job finally gets it!  Join us on Sunday to learn more.

We’re also excited to welcome Lydia Adams Davis as a new member of our congregation and enjoy a special musical offering she has for the children.  Speaking of musical offerings, we also look forward to music from our worship band.

We’ve pulled the copies of The Hymnal from the pews and they will be stacked in the choir room for two more weeks.  Many of them were set aside as memorials, and people are invited to peruse and take them as tokens of their loved ones.

In Christ,

Pastor Ben

leonard pelierMovies that Matter

Warrior: The Life of Leonard Pelier

Friday, July 29 at 7pm

McKinley Hall

national night outNational Night Out

Tuesday, Aug 2, 5:30-dusk

Memorial Park

Come out and support Better Together, the interfaith community group that celebrates diversity and dignity in Beacon

yavlogoYoung Adult Volunteers (YAVs)

  • Aug 14: Watch an video about the program during Food & Fellowship time following worship
  • Aug 21: Contribute to a special collection to support the ministry
  • Aug 28: Meet the YAVs and explore ways to support them directly during the year


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