Midweek Message – 8/15/18

Bridging Worlds.  Encountering God. Healing Lives.

Friends in Faith,

I have to start this note by simply saying: thank you.  Thanks for giving our family time and space to rest this summer… and, in doing so, to be renewed and re-created by God.  Special thanks to you who continued Christ’s ministry in my absence, stepping-up in key areas from worship to administration.  As we reconnect, I’m eager to hear your learnings from this summer, and to share with you some of my discoveries. I’m excited to move forward in faith together.

Speaking of moving forward in faith, I invite you to join us this Sunday, Aug 19, as we help prepare Rachel Palmiero for her year of service in Denver as a Young Adult Volunteer.  We’ll commission her during our Children’s Sermon because she has been so much a part of the formation of our young people. I hope you will help us support her in prayer. I also invite you to consider supporting her financially, so that you can be a part of what God will do through her during her adventure in Denver.  (To do so, go to http://www.doornetwork.org/donate/ and be sure to indicate “Rachel Palmiero, Denver” in the designation line.)

As with all great adventures, struggles are inevitable.  This Sunday, you can also learn about how Jesus came to the disciples in the midst of a terrible storm (Matthew 14:22-33).  Jesus didn’t just save them from the storm.  He revealed to them that their security is found through the storm.  Hope to see you on Sunday to learn more!


Pastor Ben

*One of the delights of the time away was learning about YouVersion’s Bible Lens.  It takes pics from your phone and connects them with scripture to make any image into a relevant reminder of scripture.  Enjoy!



Food Donations – This month we are collecting food donations at the sanctuary entrance for:

  • First Presbyterian Church Welcome Table (Fri & Sat hot meal): mayo, pasta, sauce, canned meats, beans, powdered drinks
  • St. Andrews Food Pantry (Sat food distribution):  hot/cold cereals and Parmalat (shelf-stable milk), the next deadline for donations will be August 19, 2018.



Worship – Last Sunday, August 12, there were 45 in worship and $1,306.00 was collected in offerings.   

Flowers are given by Mary Jackson In Memory of Catherine Bickel and Dorothy Bickel.

A SPECIAL COFFEE HOUR Sunday is planned to welcome Pastor Ben and family back from his sabbatical.  The coffee hour has a dual purpose to wish Rachel Palmiero best wishes as she departs for her YAV service.



Stephen Ministry – Deacon Rose Quirk was commissioned into a special ministry of care and concern for others as a Stephen Minister. She has begun building a team of Stephen Ministers who will serve our congregation and community. If you are interested in becoming a Stephen’s Minister, contact Rose at (845) 765-1985 or roseqr@aol.com.

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