Midweek Message – 8/25/16

Friends in Faith,

It was a blessing to have a couple weeks off for rest and renewal… which is much needed as the business of the fall is right around the corner.  The theme of my time away – pushing the limits of our human bodies – has left me pondering what the future might hold for us (with developments in robotics, genetics, etc.).  It has also given me a deep sense of gratitude for the Incarnation.  In Christ Jesus, God entered into our human experience… and God will always be with us, whatever realities we may navigate.

I’m excited that we will be hosting and commissioning Young Adult Volunteers this Sunday as they prepare for a year of mission service.  Unfortunately, we were unable to show the video following worship, but we’ve included it in this message so you can learn more.  We will be supporting the program as a congregation, and I invite you to visit the webpage to find ways you might want to support directly:


In Christ,
Pastor Ben


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