Midweek Message – 8/31/17

Friends in Faith,

First, and foremost, our hearts are drawn to all those affected by Tropical Storm Harvey. It’s hard to fathom the amount of rain that has fallen, as well as the amount of lives that have been turned upside down. Several in our congregation have relations in the path of the storm, and I’m relieved to share that my wife’s family and friends in Texas are all safe. I’m also grateful for the presence of Christ in all those who are rescuing and caring for those who have lost everything. And, I’m grateful that – all the way up here in Beacon – we can play our small part to help. Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has a long and reputable history of responding faithfully to disasters and remaining with the communities through the long process of rebuilding. I will be contributing to their efforts to respond to Tropical Storm Harvey, and I invite you to do the same: pda.pcusa.org

On Sunday, we were reminded of our extended family in Christ as we commissioned four Young Adult Volunteers for a year of mission service. Please keep them – and the communities they serve – in your prayers. You are also invited to follow their blogs and send them notes of encouragement 

throughout the year. Here are is their information (note: they are in the midst of transition, so it may be a while before their sites are updated):

In addition to following the journey of the YAVs, we were also invited to prayerfully consider the “next step” we are being invited to take in our own faith journeys. How might you be sensing an invitation to take a “next step” in giving, learning, or sharing in faith? I’d love to talk with you more about this, and stay tuned for more conversations around this topic.

I’ll be taking my next step this weekend to participate in the memorial service for my cousin, David Boone. Dave died unexpectedly on Friday, and our family will be gathering in Columbus to remember him, celebrate his life, and be reminded of the promise that “nothing in life or in death can separate us from the love of God.”  

While I’m away, this Sunday’s service will be led by the Rev. Daniel Yang. His preaching last fall was a blessing, and he is offering the provocative sermon title for Sunday: “War – huh, yeah – what is it good for?” You won’t want to miss it.


Pastor Ben

PS – We’re excited to share that both the church parking lot and the manse driveway have been paved, with new lines painted for parking. We’re especially excited to have clearly designated handicap spots. Thanks to Mary Jackson and the Property Team for making this happen!




Hurricane Response – Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has a long and reputable history of responding faithfully to disasters, and remaining with the communities through the long process of rebuilding. To support their efforts to respond to Tropical Storm Harvey, visit: pda.pcusa.org

Welcome Table – Welcome Table could use donations of pasta, sauces, tuna, and salad dressing. To make a donation, contact Deacon Rose Quirk or the office.

St. Andrews Food Pantry The deadline for this month’s donations of canned a dry goods for the St. Andrews Food Pantry is September 17th.




Young Disciples: 9/10 – Our semi-monthly Christian education program will start again with a focus on a new learning method – Godly Play!



Autism Awareness Concert: 9/16 – A special event to raise awareness and provide a creative outlet for autistic children and their families.


Gregory Boyle at Iona College: 9/19 – A lunch-hour lecture by the author of Tattoos on the Heart. We will meet at the church at 10am and carpool.


Come to the Table: 9/22-23 – A conference of the Synod of the Northeast will meet at Stony Point Center, with a variety of relevant workshops and ways to network with other Presbyterians in advocacy, solidarity, and mission. Hudson River Presbytery will be offering scholarships to all participants. To learn more, or to register, visit here. (Those in need of childcare are encouraged to contact the Synod Office.)



Dinner, Movie, and Conversation: 9/28 – Invite your friends to join us as we gather to view The Shack  and share insights around what we have learned reading this powerful book together.


Spirit of Beacon Day: 9/24 – Help us spread the word about First Presbyterian! We need folks to march / sing in the parade and folks to staff our information table.




Time Away


  • September 1-4: Family Memorial Service in Columbus, OH


Thursday Sabbath Day – Sabbath days are an important, biblically-grounded time to rest and be renewed by God. Unless it is an emergency, Pastor Ben will respond to any Thursday communications on Fridays.


Sunday – 9/3

  • Worship (Sanctuary) – 10am Guest Preacher Rev. Daniel Yang. Music led by Sally Hitchcock.
  • Food & Fellowship (McKinley Hall) – 11am

Wednesday – 9/6

  • Mars Hill Discussion (McKinley Hall) – 12pm: A small group that has an open and honest discussion about the challenges of the world (Mars Hill is where the Apostle Paul met with the great philosophers in Athens) and the struggles of our lives (or, what we call, the Mess). All are welcome and all is confidential.

Friday – 9/8

  • Welcome Table (McKinley Hall) – 10am: Good food for all. A time to be fed in body and soul.

Saturday – 9/9

  • Welcome Table (McKinley Hall) – 10am

Sunday – 9/10

  • Worship (Sanctuary) – 10am, Preacher Rev. Ben Larson-Wolbrink. Music led by Amy Martinez.
  • Food & Fellowship (McKinley Hall) – 11am

The church hosts a number of community and 12-step groups throughout the week. For more information on meeting times call the office at 845-831-5322 or visit our webpage beaconpresbychurch.org

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