Opening to Our Truest Identity

Our identity – who we are and how we (and others) see ourselves – plays such a significant role in our lives.  This Sunday we’ll be exploring Matthew 3:13-17, where Jesus identifies fully with humanity in his baptism.  At that moment, the heavens open up and he receives another identity: the beloved son of God. 

In the midst of all the ways we identify ourselves, we are invited to be opened to the power of the identity we have in our baptism: a child of God.  And, we’ll be reminded of this as we welcome two new members into the Body of Christ through baptism this Sunday.  To top it off, we’ll install Mary Jackson, who has previously been ordained, to a new term of service as an elder.  Whenever someone begins a new season in leadership, we are reminded that, “the grace of baptism is sufficient for this calling.”  Powerful stuff.  You won’t want to miss it.

And, you won’t want to miss what’s happening after worship.  In addition to celebrating with the newly baptized and their families during coffee our, we’ll be kicking off our Alpha course.  It’s an interactive conversation about the basics of the Christian faith.  No charge. No pressure. And no question is off limits. (But, of course, there will be food.)  Sunday we’ll kick things off with a video and a brief conversation. Hope to see you there!


Pastor Ben

PS: Per Capita is due – Did you know that each Presbyterian around the country is expected to contribute a “per capita” offering that supports the work of the church at the regional and denominational level?  Did you know that, traditionally, only about ¼ of the members of FPC Beacon makes this contribution? Our congregation is responsible to pay the per capita for each member, regardless of whether they make a contribution or not.  Hudson River Presbytery has set the per capita at $38.80 (the same as last year). If you are a member, you are invited to make this contribution. And, if you want to round-up – or even make a contribution for someone else – it would free up funds from the FPC budget to be used for other ministries!