Prepare the Way…

As I write this, we’re preparing for this evening’s Advent Gathering.  It’s something new we’re trying to help prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus this year.  We’ll be enjoying a simple meal and reflecting the concept of Hygge (a Danish word for comfort) and how we find comfort in the waiting.  If you’re reading this after our kick-off on Dec 4th, don’t worry, we’ll be gathering again every Wednesday until Christmas. (And we’re trying something new for Christmas Day… stay tuned.)

So much of what we do this time of year is preparation: baking cookies, buying gifts, decorating, etc.  But, how are we preparing our hearts?

This Sunday, we’ll hear from John the Baptist, in his challenge to turn our hearts around as we prepare for the coming One (Matthew 3:1-12).  We’ll also hear an offering from our Bell Choir and from special musical guests, Annalyse & Ryan.  After worship, we’ll have a baby shower for all those who’ve been born recently – or who are on their way – in our church family.

Also on Sunday, we’ll have a moment to offer our Christmas gifts for our friends at the Hedgewood Home for Adults, so if you haven’t already, be sure to bring your wrapped & labelled gifts.  And – don’t forget – Christmas flower orders are due on Sunday.  Whew, that’s a big day!

BUT, before Sunday, we hope you’ll consider joining us for Cocoa and Caroling on Saturday at 2pm.  We’ll get in the spirit by decorating the sanctuary and enjoying some cocoa before heading out to sing carols for our homebound friends.

Prepare the Way of the Lord,

Pastor Ben

PS – If you missed last week’s sermon from the first Sunday of Advent