Summer Blessings from Pastor Ben

Friends in Faith,

I am so grateful for all the support and encouragement as my family and I prepare for our Sabbath Leave.  And, I’m grateful for all the ways people have volunteered their time and energy to help our congregation continue its ministry while I’m away from June 10-August 15.  

Communication – Please continue to use our office phone (845-831-5322) and email ( for all inquiries.  Pamela Hormerte, our Clerk of Session, is volunteering to serve as secretary pro tem and will be following up on all communications and pointing you in the right direction.

Worship – Our friends at Hudson River Presbytery have already lined up the guest preachers for the whole leave time!  And the line-up has some familiar faces, new guests, and an old friend from way back. Sally Hitchcock, our Organist / Choir Director, will be coordinating our volunteer musicians, so we’ll continue to be blessed by musical gifts they so freely share.  

Pastoral Care –  Rose Quirk, our Stephen Minister, will be taking the lead on all pastoral care needs.  If you, or someone you know, is in need of pastoral care, you can reach her via her cell (845-600-5389) or email (  If there is an emergency or death, we have area pastors on-call.

Family Plans – We are just beginning to imagine how we will spend our time as a family.  I’m right in the middle of reading Life Without Lack, a collection of teachings by Dallas Willard on Psalm 23 that was compiled as a book.  It has been really important for me at this time. We’ll be searching for moments of renewal and re-creation, and I hope you’ll find some in this season as well.

I’ll be eager to share more about our time away – and hear all about what you learned – when I return to worship on August 19th.  In the meantime, I hope to see you this Sunday, June 10th, the final Sunday before my leave. I’ll be preaching on – you guessed it – Psalm 23!

Hope to see you on Sunday,

Pastor Ben

PS – Due to safety concerns from traffic regularly short-cutting through our parking lot, the Session has voted to place a chain across the Liberty Street parking lot entrance throughout the week. Except for on Sunday worship (when the chain will be removed to make both entrances available), access to the parking lot will be limited to the Leonard Street entrance.

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