Thanks for what has been… and what’s to come

As we anticipate a full week – of family, friends, and feasting – we remember we have much for which to give thanks.  We thank God for bringing us this far. And, we’re thankful for the a future that is surely in God’s good hands.  

We know that we aren’t guaranteed ease and security.  We know that pain is an inevitable part of living. We also know that Jesus Christ – God with us – entered into that pain.  

This Sunday, after the feasting, we’ll gather for worship.  And, as we encounter John 18:28-40 we’ll remember how Jesus – in the midst of his confrontation with the powers of this world – proclaimed his realm.  It’s a realm that is not of this world, but that is coming nonetheless.

For all that has been, we give thanks.  For all that will be, we give thanks.


Pastor Ben



The good news keeps coming – As of November 20, we have received 36 pledges (9 of them new this year) totaling $74,642.92. We have surpassed our pledge total for 2018, and we are only $2,325 short of our balanced budget goal… and only $5,825 to go for our extending the table ministry budget goal!

Thank you to those who have pledged to support our 2019 budget!  We are going to keep the drive open in the hopes of making our goal.  If you haven’t pledged, please consider doing so today.  Help us make our goal!




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