The intangible becoming tangible…

What a joy it was to ordain and install a new group of elders last Sunday.  The sense of the Holy Spirit’s presence was palpable!

Speaking of the Holy Spirit, this Sunday we’ll explore Luke 4:14-21.  We’ll discover how the Holy Spirit – something very intangible – empowered Jesus to proclaim a very tangible ministry.  How might the Holy Spirit be leading you to make a tangible impact on this world?  Come Sunday to learn more…

*Unless, we need to cancel worship.  Please note: there is currently a Winter Storm Warning in effect with very nasty conditions in the forecast.  A final decision regarding worship will be made at our leadership retreat tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll do our best to get the word out (via email, facebook, and WHUD).  Stay tuned.



Praying – and the ancient practice of laying-on hands – for the newly ordained.

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