Things are getting real

However your Christmas holiday was spent, we hope you had a measure of peace and joy. Unfortunately, these things don’t always last.

As we get ready for this Sunday, we prepare to encounter learn the tragic story of how the powers and principalities respond to God with us. Matthew 2:13-18 is one of the most tragic stories in scripture.  We’ll hear the desperate and horrific actions of King Herod as he seeks to thwart God‘s plans.

As we know, God‘s plans won’t be thwarted. But that doesn’t mean there won’t be pain. Join us this Sunday to learn more about how things God real shortly after Jesus’ birth.  And, when things are getting real in your life, you can be sure God’s there in the middle of it.

Merry Christmas,
Pastor Ben

PS – Before things get messy on Sunday, we invite you to kick back and have some fun with us for a game night tomorrow (Friday, 12/27) at the church, 6-8pm.  Bring your favorite board game, a snack, and we’ll have fun for all ages!