Time to give up the blame game?

When something goes wrong, we always seem to look for someone to blame.  Sometimes our blame is directed at others. Sometimes, we directed it at ourselves.  What if, instead of looking for someone to blame, we saw the situation – as awful as it may be – as an invitation to turn to God?

Last week, we learned about God’s desire to care for us like a mother hen (see below).  This week, as we read Luke13:1-9, we’ll discover God as a Gardener.  It may take some digging around our roots – and dealing with some stinky manure – but God yearns for us to be fruitful.  Check out the video teaser below and come Sunday to learn more.

But, before then, I want to invite you to join our Presbyterians 101 class tomorrow (Saturday) at 10:30am in the Edgar Library at the church.  Even if you missed the first class, you can still come join us. It’s a great way to learn about our church and ponder becoming a member!



A couple other things:

Next Saturday, March 30 at 11am: Habitat Neighborhood Bus Tour – Tour the Habitat houses in Newburgh and learn about how they have impacted the families who live in them, as well as the entire neighborhood.  *Please confirm with Jackie Bucelot-Mills via phone (845-242-1973) or email (bucelotmills@optimum.net) if you plan on attending.

Welcome Table Packs – You are invited to contribute items to survival packs that will be distributed at the Welcome Table.  All you need to do is visit this link: http://tiny.cc/FPCpacks, select & pay for your contribution, and we’ll make sure your gift is given to someone who needs it!

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