Too Much Eating Alone?

We weren’t meant to eat alone.  Cultures all over the world are rich with traditions of shared food that go way beyond basic nutritional necessity.  As creatures, we were made to eat.  As humans, we were made to eat together.

This Sunday during the sermon, we’re going to to spend some time exploring John 6, in light of our next step in the Lord’s Prayer: “give us this day our daily bread.”  And, we won’t only talk about bread, we’ll share it with each other during the sacrament of communion… the meal that is central to our faith.

Every time we share the sacrament, we are mystically connected to the faithful in every time and place, and we’ll be a little more intentional about this as Sunday, Oct 7 is celebrated as World Communion Sunday.  We’ll share breads from around the world as part of the feast.

And, we’ll take an extra offering – the Peace and Global Witness Offering – to support the ministries of Christ’s church around the world.  25% of this offering will be dedicated to helping us as a congregation connect with the global witness of Christ’s peace.  If you have suggestions of global ministries, please share it with our elders before their next meeting on Oct 16.

To learn more, and share more, join us on Sunday!


Pastor Ben

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