We begin by getting real…

… real about our humanity.  About our mortality. About our brokenness.
Tonight, we begin Lent with our Ash Wednesday Service, at 7pm.  It will be a time to ponder the ways we need God to create a clean heart in us.  It will also be a chance to receive ashes and to hear the ancient words: “remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Last Sunday, we caught a glimpse of the glory, as Jennn Partlow preached about Christ’s transfiguration and the pivot from despair to hope.

Lent is the season when we have our eyes on Easter and the new life we receive in Christ’s resurrection.  But, we do so with an honest reckoning of who we are.  When we square with ourselves – and all that sin and mess it means to be human – we begin to square with just how powerful and amazing a gift Christ’s choice to go to the cross really was.

Prayers for you and your soul’s journey,


Before Sunday, we are kicking off our Presbyterians 101 class this Saturday, March 9, 10:30am-12pm in the Edgar Library.  This class is for anyone interested in joining our church or learning more about the Presbyterian branch of the Christian family tree.  *Childcare is provided.

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