What are the national interests of the kingdom of God?

If you’ve been watching the impeachment hearings, the crux of the issue is about a conflict of interest.  The question is whether officials were manipulating government agencies and connections to advance their personal interests, and whether they were doing damage to others in the process.

Most will agree that the purpose of government agencies are to advance our national interests.  I find myself wondering about the national interests of the kingdom of God, especially because this is the Sunday we traditionally celebrate as Reign of Christ Sunday. The national interests of the kingdom of God are inherently personal.  That is, every person – their health, well-being, and flourishing – is of interest to the kingdom of God. There is no one who is left out, exploited, or left behind.  

Instead of a conflict of interests, we have a communion of interests.  And, that’s a powerful thing.

Join us in worship this Sunday at 10am to ponder these things… and stick around afterward for a potluck Thanksgiving supper.  Hope to see you there!

In Christ,


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