What do you know about heaven?

From violence to climate change to political shennanigans, it sure seems like each day our earth is one step closer to catastrophe.  How do you wake up each morning without falling into despair?

This is where prayer comes in.  It gives us a new perspective and a hopeful vision.  Some religious people think of life as a waiting game, biding time on this transitory earth until their deaths and a release into the glory of heaven.

What if I told you the bible has a different twist on this?  This Sunday, Sept 30 we’ll take another step through the Lord’s prayer: “on earth as it is in heaven.”  We’ll focus on Revelation 21:1-6, a vision of the future where heaven comes down to earth, and all things are made new.  Instead of being taken up away from here to be with God, the promise is that God is coming to earth to be with us!

To learn more, join us on Sunday!


Pastor Ben

Your presence is requested!  There are two, great opportunities you won’t want to miss to support First Presbyterian this weekend:

  • Miss Vickie at the Welcome Table – Enjoy good music and some good food at the Welcome Table this Saturday, 10-11am at the church.
  • Spirit of Beacon Day – Stop by our table – in front of the Yanarella School of Dance (312 Main St.) – anytime on Sunday, 1-3pm and help us get the word out at this unique Beacon celebration.

Your help is needed! The St. Andrews Food Pantry has been feeding up to 40 families and occasionally running out of supplies.  The need is great, so we invite you to contribute hot/cold cereals and Parmalat (shelf-stable milk). The next deadline for donations will be October 21, 2018.

Your prayer is encouraged! Please continue to pray for Fran Henry, who is back in Vassar Brothers Medical Center, as well as Helen Umano who is there as well.

Your info… would be really helpful!  Thanks to all who filled out the online Personal Information so far.  If you haven’t, please take a moment (even if you think we have your info) to fill out the following form:  http://bit.ly/FPCInfo

Last Sunday’s sermon:

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