Who ARE God?

Talking about the Triune God poses more than just grammar challenges!  How do we wrap our heads around the powerful mystery that God is One and – at the same time – three, distinct persons: God the Creator, Christ the Redeemer, and the Holy Spirit (whom, we learned last week on Pentecost Sunday, does all sorts of thigs for us)?  More importantly, how do we wrap our hearts around it?

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday, and we’ll be taking time to ponder that God is – at God’s very essence – relationship.  That’s who God is. And, that’s the way God was from the very beginning. That’s the way God will be into eternity. Relationship.  And, God is calling us into relationship… with God and each other.

Now, we all know that relationships aren’t easy.  But, being in relationship is not only the way we were created, it’s the way we grow.  And, it sure seems like we’re ripe and ready for growth!

Hope to see you on Sunday to learn more!

In Faith,

Pastor Ben

  • Banner Stitching Help Needed Sunday – Two of the sanctuary banners are ready for a crew to help stitch on the binding!  All stitchers are invited to lend a hand following worship this Sunday during our Food & Fellowship time.
  • Seeking a Summer Work Team – Many thanks to the crew who worked at the Newburgh Habitat Build last Saturday.  Now we need to focus on the church. Are you able to lend a hand to help with projects around the church property?  Over the summer, we have a few things we need to work on, including repainting the fence. If interested, contact Mary Jackson: 845-831-5727.
  • Time is Running Out To Save Money on Your Electric Bill (sign-ups due 6/30) – Sign up to have electricity supplied by a solar farm… and save 10% on your electricity bill.  Also, because FPC is signed up, a bonus will be sent to our church for every household that participates.  To learn more about this program and sign up, visit: https://powermarket.io/soc.html
  • Women – Our next J.E.W.E.L.S. women’s group meeting will be next Friday, June 21, at 6pm.  All women are welcome to gather for a time of support and encouragement.