February 16, 2016



Worship is a time of deep sharing… with God and each other. Together, we sing and we pray. We confess that we are messed-up, and we are reminded of our forgiveness in Christ. We greet each other in Christ’s peace, and we share our personal prayers of joy and sorrow. We are comforted and challenged by God’s Word. We share the body and blood of Christ in Holy Communion. We are sent out in the Holy Spirit, called to live love in our daily lives.


A wise person once said, "The person who sings prays twice." We share our double-prayers in a variety of styles. We sing hymns. We have a gifted choir and a quality organ. We also have a worship band, as well as soloists who share a variety of styles from contemporary praise to folk to jazz.


“As parents of three, young children, it was important for our family to find a church home where our children would not just be tolerated, but welcomed, loved, and encouraged in their faith. When we walk through the doors of First Presbyterian on a Sunday morning, my children are greeted, by name, with smiles. They know they can hug one of the stuffed animals in the pews for comfort. They eagerly anticipate the opportunity to gather with the other children up front to experience, hands-on, the remembrance of baptism & forgiveness. They joyfully make music to the Lord with the children’s instruments, and they love to listen to Pastor Ben tell them, on their level, about God’s love. In short, my children are loved. They are nurtured. And they know Jesus through the people of First Presbyterian.” -Jennn P.


Gathering of God's People

We begin with praise because it’s all about God. We confess that we aren’t living as we were created to live, and we receive the good news that we are made new. This grace is celebrated by pouring the water of baptism and the raucous singing of God’s glory.

The Word is Proclaimed

We hear God’s story read through scripture. We hear a sermon that connects God’s word with our lives, giving us comfort and challenge to serve a hurting world.

We Respond to the Word

We affirm what we believe and we offer our gifts to support God’s ministry in our community and around the world. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper: the bread of Life and the cup of Salvation.

Sending Out of God's People

With full hearts and souls, we are sent out to share God’s love with a charge and a blessing.


Each Sunday, after the church service, in McKinley Hall, the Deacons host a time for fellowship with church members and guests. The informal setting allows time for gathering and sharing food and thoughts.